Mass combat with examples

1: Declare plot characters on each side.
1.1: Player characters are always plot characters or named supporting characters.
1.2: Ideally both sides will have equal amounts of plot characters. If this is not the case, regulars are elevated until everyone has an “opponent”.

2: Declare the supporting characters for each plot character.
2.1: 0-2 supports are enough, unless the characters are obviously a ‘team’ that acts as one.

3: Declare tactical advantages the character possesses.
3.1: This part is intended for advantages that are not actions, such as great amounts of health points, armor, equipment and so on.

4: Declare tactical disadvantages.

5: Select the character’s primary, secondary and tertiary actions.
5.1: And don’t forget to mention equipment or miscellaneous abilities that may influence these rolls.
5.2: Willpower, glamour and such abilities may be spent to improve these rolls, but at double the usual cost.

6: Describe the general action plan.
6.1: If you wish to avoid taking risks and damage, you may want to mention that here. Or the opposite, if that’s how you roll.


1: Declared Sif as a special character in the fight
2: Sif is supported by Riptide.
3: Declared that Sif has the following advantages:
-Has transformed into a polar bear for the fight
-Has great health
-Is very durable and has an excellent defense+armor score
-Is extremely good at grappling and melee in bear form
-Her summer mantle grants her benefits in a battle
4: Declared that Sif has the following disadvantages:
-Has no ranged attack option because she is in polar bear form.
-Has an aversion to killing sentient beings, even if it is necessary.
5: Sif picks:
-Primary: Brawl+Strength+Grappling specialty+Claws, and rolls.
-Secondary: Athletics+Stamina, and rolls.
-Tertiary: Presence + Intimidation, and rolls.
6: Sif describes:
She wants to protect her allies, and to fight with restraint, charging
in only when it will not get her killed uselessly. Where-ever she charges,
riptide charges in by her side.

Mass combat with examples

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