Mass combat

Mass combat.

Short version:

0. Declare each faction’s initial combat strength.
1. Pick the plot characters.
2. Pick supporting characters and assign them to plot characters.
3. Declare tactical advantages.
4. Declare tactical disadvantages.
5. Select a primary, a secondary and a tertiary action pool.
6. Describe the action plan.

After the GM has the necessary information, he will award each plot character:
1. Offensive dice
2. Defensive dice
3. Tactical dice (can be used on any rolls)
4. Morale tokens (can be used like willpower for the battle rolls)
5. Support tokens (can be used to re-roll individual dice in a friendly roll)
6. Objective dice
7. Resistance dice
8. Initiative bonus.

Next, the rolling of the dice begins.
Each faction rolls:
1. Initiative bonus vs initiative bonus decides who goes first. On a tie, the stronger faction has the edge.
2. Roll “faction power + offense dice” vs “faction power + defense dice” for each faction.
damage is dealt to the faction power score.
3. Roll “faction power + objective dice” vs “faction power + resistance dice” for each faction.
any successes are counted towards fulfilling objectives.

Mass combat with examples

Mass combat

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