Autumn Sorceress



[ 3 ] Brother To The Ague ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 159 )

Prerequisite: Mantle (Autumn) 2 or Court Goodwill (Autumn) 4
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: 15 – X (Dexterity + Medicine + Mantle (Autumn) – subject’s Stamina)
Action: Instant

Catch: The character can name two diseases that the subject has suffered (or is suffering) and one that the subject fears.

Dramatic Failure: Rather than enervating an opponent, the character loses energy herself. She suffers a -1 die penalty to all dice pools as if she had stayed awake for 30 hours straight and suffers one point of bashing damage as if she had been deprived of water for several days.

Failure: The character fails to weary the subject.

Success: The subject takes one point of bashing damage per success, as from dehydration. In addition, he suffers a –1 die fatigue penalty to all dice pools for every two points of the character’s Wyrd (rounded up). The subject actually becomes tired, so his fatigue penalties only disappear after sleep. The subject does not actually become severely dehydrated, so his bashing wounds heal naturally.

Exceptional Success: The subject actually does become dehydrated, so points of bashing damage inflicted through this Contract do not heal until the subject has rehydrated.

[ 4 ] Riding The Falling Leaves ( Changeling: The Lost — Page 160 )

The changeling becomes a temporary avatar of Autumn, transforming into a colorful spray of dry Autumn leaves. This ability is typically invoked to move inconspicuously or evade harm.

Prerequisite: Mantle (Autumn) 3 or Court Goodwill (Autumn) 5

Cost: 2 Glamour

Dice Pool: Dexterity + Survival + Mantle (Autumn)

Action: Instant

Catch: The character catches a naturally falling leaf at the moment of the clause’s activation.

Dramatic Failure: The changeling’s innards temporarily transform into leaves, but not the entirety of her body. She takes two points of bashing damage from the shock.

Failure: The transformation does not take place.

Success: The changeling’s body transforms into a spray of dry Autumn leaves. Despite the fragmented physicality of this form, the changeling is still a single entity, and the leaves are highly resistant to being separated or scattered. These leaves are also resistant to damage, though the changeling can still be injured in this form. While in this form, she receives an additional six Defense; this does not apply to attacks that could conceivably damage a great many falling leaves at once, such as fire or being sucked into a large fan. The character may fly in this form at -3 Speed, gaining altitude on unseen thermals. She may also pass through openings too small to admit her ordinary form. However, while riding the leaf-form, the character cannot manipulate physical objects or cause any damage.

Exceptional Success: The character’s Defense bonus rises to eight, and she may fly at her full Speed.

Suggested Modifiers: Winter or Autumn (+1); Spring (-1).



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