Hans Schauber

A down to earth master craftsman


Name: Hans Friedrich Schauber
Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Year of birth: 1974
Year of abduction: 2015
Immediate family: Wife Hilda, Son Jurgen
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Sloth
Kith: Wizened (Brewer)
Flaws: Inferiority complex
Contracts: Eternal spring(3), Verdant spring(1), Fortunes favor(1)
Merits: Mantle spring(4), Language german(1), Resources(3), Brownies boon(1), Alternate identity(3)


Hans is quite bulky man with thick brown mustache and a disarming smile. He is mostly a man of peace and diplomacy but isn’t too unwilling to resort to violence in order to further Freeholds agendas.

His mien consists of slight but distinct scent of moist soil and there are some verdant sprouting visible in his hair. He doesn’t seem to acknowledge or at least tries to suppress his memories of Arcadia. Maybe due to his desperate attempt to keep a hold of his human side Hans shows little to no interest in the occult and magic (except few spells of the spring court that he and his companions have learned to appreciate).

Stuff Hans has crafted so far:
Three gargoyles
Experimental pistol with exceptional silencer
Wall surrounding safe haven in hedge
Exceptional beer
Awesome snake leather pants for Robbie

Hans Schauber

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